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Comic fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy that is primarily humorous in intent and tone. Usually set in imaginary worlds, comic fantasy often includes puns on and parodies of other works of fantasy. It is sometimes known as Low fantasy in contrast to High fantasy, which is primarily serious in intent and tone. The term "Low Fantasy" is used to represent other types of fantasy, however, so while comic fantasies may also correctly be classified as low fantasy, many examples of low fantasy are not comic in nature.
Heroic fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy which chronicles the tales of heroes and their conquests in imaginary lands. Stories tend to be intricate in plot, often involving many peoples, nations and lands. Grand battles and the fate of the world are common themes, and there is typically some emphasis on a universal Good versus Evil conflict. Frequently, the protagonist is reluctant to be a champion and is of low or humble origin. Through events, usually beyond his control, he is thrust into positions of great responsibility where his mettle is tested in a number of spiritual and physical challenges. Although it shares many of the basic themes of Sword and Sorcery the term 'Heroic' or 'Epic fantasy' is often used to avoid the garish overtones of the former, while emphasizing the grander nature of the latter.


About author : In the year 1960. Sergio Bonelli, a young scriptwriter and the son of Gianluigi Bonelli, met Gallieno Ferri, a young and perspektive artist. Very soon they become great friends and that friendship turns into a business relation from which, in the year 1961, a character with an interesting name Zagor was born. The character has celebrated his fortieth anniversary in year 2001. He is extensively published both in his native Italy and in Brazil. The name Zagor came from "Za-La-Mort", a hero of Italian silent movies, and (probably) Gordon (as in Flash Gordon) - prior to this he was going to be called "Ajax" until someone pointed out that this was the name of a household detergent. While the stories are vague as to the time period Zagor is set in, the authors have stated that it is between 1820 and 1840 - in spite of the fact that the gun he commonly used wasn't invented until 1860. The Darkwood from which he adventures is meant to be somewhere just south of the Great Lakes in America.

Story: As a boy Patrick Wilding is the only survivor from a vicious attack by a band of Abenaki Indians that kill the rest of his family. Having survived he vows that he will get revenge. He grows up in the Darkwood forest and takes the name of Za-Gor-Te-Nay, "the Spirit with the Tomahawk". Having reached adulthood, Zagor locates the man who led the Abenaki Indians, and kills him, only to find out that the reason his family had been attacked was because his father had mercilessly slaughtered many indians whilst in the army. Wanting to break the cycle of revenge he vows to help the weak and oppressed no matter what race they come from, and to bring peace and justice to the forest. Zagor is often accompanied by his friend (and comic relief) Chico, a.k.a. Dom Chico Philip Cayetano Lopez y Matinez y Gonzales, a Hidalgo nobleman descended from Spanish conquistadors.
Real Name: Patrick Wilding
Identity/Class: Human, powers gained through growing up in a jungle environment
Occupation: Jungle lord, defender of the weak
Enemies: (former) Abenaki Indians; (current) Professor Hellingen; Baron Rakosi; Kandrax the Druid
Known Relatives: Tonka (blood brother)
Aliases: Za-Gor-Te-Ney, Zagor, Lo Spirito con La Scure, Spirit of the Tomahawk
Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength as well as excellent wilderness survival skills

Favourite comics - Zagor  INFO BOX
Created by Guido Nollita (Sergio Bonelli)
Drawings Gallieno Ferri
Titles Gallieno Ferri
Premiere 1961 (Italy)
Comic info
Type western
Location America: Wild West, Darkwood
Time 1820 - 1840
Zagor info
Favorite weapon stone axe
Favorite shout AAHHYAAKK!
Companion Don Chico Felipe Cayetano ...
Greatest enemy Hellingen


About author: The future creator of Conan, Robert Ervin Howard, was born January 22, 1906, at Peaster, Texas, a tiny hamlet some forty-five miles southwest of Fort Worth. The father, a country physician, moved the little family the length and breadth of Texas over the next several years before finally settling at Cross Plains, a small town in Central Texas, in 1919. While yet in high school, young Robert began submitting short stories to the publications of the time. Robert worked at a number of odd jobs after graduating from high school, for his writing brought in only meager income. By 1930 Howard had become a regular in Weird Tales and had broken into Fight Stories with his humorous Sailor Steve Costigan yarns. Later in the year he began a series of historical adventure stories in Oriental Stories, a relatively short-lived companion title to Weird Thies. The Great Depression, as might be expected, had its deleterious effect on the publishing industry. Forced to seek new markets, Howard experimented with detective fiction with only negligible results, and would later admit it was not a genre for him. The November 1932 issue of Weird Tales introduced another popular character, Bran Mak Morn, the Pictish chieftain, whose battles with the encroaching Roman legions in Britain were very popular.The following month's issue introduced a character who would soon overshadow all his other heroes, and would be by far his most famous character: Conan the Cimmerian. This first Conan story, "The Phoenix on the Sword," was actually a rewrite of a rejected Kull story, "By This Axe I Rule!" Over the next four years, seventeen Conan stories appeared in Weird Tales, some lengthy enough to require serialization. On the morning of June 11, 1936, the attending nurse replied in the negative when Robert asked if his mother would ever emerge from her coma. He walked to his car, parked to the side rear of the home on the outskirts of Cross Plains, got in and fired a bullet into his brain. He died eight hours later; Mrs. Howard expired some thirty hours afterward.

Story: Conan, the barbarian, was born into a clan claiming an area in the northwest of Cimmeria.  His grandfather was a member of a southern tribe who fled from his own people because of a blood-feud, and after long wanderings took refuge with the people of the north. Conan himself was born on the battlefield, during a fight between his tribe and a horde of raiding Vanir.   There is no record to show when he got his first sight of civilized people; however, at the age of 15, he received his baptism of blood at the siege of the border city of Venarium, between Gunderland and Cimmeria. At that time, though he was far from having attained his full growth, Conan stood six feet tall and weighed 180 pounds. After the siege of Venarium, he returned to his tribe and spent some months with a band of the Aesir, fighting with the Vanir and the Hyperboreans. Captured by the Hyperboreans, he escaped and made his way south into the thief-city of Zamora. At this time he was about 17. Green to civilization, and entirely lawless by nature, he found the most congenial life that of a professional thief in Zamora and later in the small city-states to the west of that exotic kingdom. Taking service in one of these nameless states with the harried Prince Murilo, he has a taste of fighting as a profession, and being tired of the decadent life of a thief he sets out to look over the rest of the civilized world, with an eye to making it his oyster. He traveled a lot and progressed through the years from adventurer, thief, pirate and mercenary to the throne of Aquilonia in the Hyborian Age...

Comic: Conan the barbarian  INFO BOX
Created by Robert Ervin Howard
Drawings John Buscema, Barry Windsor-Smith and others
Titles John Buscema & Ernie Chan
Premiere 1932 (USA)
Comic info
Type Magic/Fantasy
Location Hyborian time (fictional world)
Time 12000 years before our time and  8000 years after Atlantis had sunk
Conan info
Favorite weapon sword, knife
Favorite shout Crom!
Companion Thoth-Amon, Brotherhood of Falcon, Jergl Zadh


About authors: To an overwhelming extent, the aura of fascination surrounding the exploits of Commander Mark and his Ontario Wolves is to be attributed to the authors Pietro Sartoris, Dario Guzzon and Giovanni Sinchetto, collectively called EsseGesse - who must be credited with much of the appeal of this figure: for the authors have displayed amazing ability in the characterization not only of the leading man, but also of the foils populating the series.
Story: Against the background of the war fought in the second half of the Eighteenth century by the American people to defend their independence from English domination, our commander is presented to the readers as a handsome and brave man, a sturdy and invincible young man, who nonetheless does not convey any trace of the aloofness that is often generated by a protagonist's sense of superiority over the surrounding world. Mark has just the right degree of self-confidence as a hero and he instils in us a warm feeling of confidence; he has accumulated excellent experience in his field (pitched battles and uncompromising warfare against the soldiers of His Majesty the English king) and he uses his vast knowledge on every occasion and always successfully. This is why his name strikes terror and dismay in the colonialists' ranks, and there is no reward, blackmail, trick, ambush, trap or deceit that works with him… He's a sly old fox, as elusive as a ghost. Mark seems to be immortal. Immortal as the symbols he embodies, justice and freedom. He moves together with the Ontario Wolves, a group of indomitable guerrilla fighters composed of men and women from many different places, of all ages and from all social classes, people with different histories and past lives who have joined together and are united by one single great aspiration: to fight for their right to live in freedom!

Comic: Commandant Mark, EsseGesse  INFO BOX
Created by EsseGesse
Drawings EsseGesse
Titles EsseGesse
Premiere 1966 (Italy)
Comic info
Type adventure, war comic
Location America, territory around Great Lakes
Time 1773 - 1781
Commandant Mark info
Favorite weapon gun, light sword
Companion Mister Bluff, Sad Owel

IL GRANDE BLEK - Great Blek - 'Blek le Roc'

About authors: Il Grande Blek was also made by EsseGesse team. This Italian team of cartoonists were most famous for their Western comics, which was hugely popular in the 1950s, and were translated to many languages. Their name was taken from the Italian pronunciation of the first letters of their three surnames, Pietro Sartoris, Dario Guzzon and Giovanni Sinchetto. Some of their more famous series are Captain Miki, Il Grande Blek, Commander Mark, Kinowa and Alan Mistero.

Blek is a leader of a trappers during the American revolutionary war. They fought against the cruel Redcoats, the symbol of British colonialist oppression. Blek's best friends and buddies in adventure are his stepson Roddy Lassiter and the professor Occultis. Bleck is very strong but has a very gentle character. Most of the Indian tribes and revolutionists respect him. Most of the time he fights with hands but he uses also the classic gun “Kentucky”(classic hunters weapon of that age).

Normally the adventures are not too long but there are exceptions. Blek´s adventures are in a consecutive fashion making a comic fan read many different adventures before giving up. Professor Occultis is also a humorous character but he surely can play important roles in some adventures as a daring revolutionist. Roddy can be considered as the son of Blek and his dialogues with Occultis are really funny.These three characters show the meaning of friendship to all readers.

Comic: IL GRANDE BLEK - Great Blek - Blek le Roc
Created by
October 3rd 1954 (Italy)
Comic info
adventure, war comic
North America; Maine
During the American revolutionary war (1775–1783)
Il Grande Bleck info
Favorite weapon
No favorite weapon, he is the best with the fists
Greatest enemy
Feracious Ferocio
Stepson Roddy Lassiter and the professor Occultis

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